Medical Rehabilitation Robots

Custom Wire Assemblies for Rehabilitation Robots in the Medical IndustryRehabilitation Medical Robot

Rehabilitation robots are designed to help physically limited individuals that can be broken down into 3 categories; people suffering from some form of congenital disability since birth, individuals whose physical capabilities have been limited to due to an accident, disease, or illness, and older people who have gradually lost their physical strength due to natural aging. There are two main types of rehabilitation robots: assistive robots, and therapy robots.

 Assistive robots perform physical tasks to counteract the loss of limb movement. The robot is operated by the debilitated individual and allows them to perform daily human activities that would otherwise have to be performed by an attendant. An example of an assistive rehabilitation robot is the Manus ARM (assistive robotic manipulator) which is a wheelchair-mounted robotic arm controlled by a chin switch or other input device. Therapy robots, or “rehabilitators” are tools that rehabilitation therapists use for their patients to perform practice movements. Studies show that the brain and spinal cord retain a remarkable ability to adapt after injury, through the use of practiced movements. Therapy bots like the Lokomat, support the weight of a person and moves legs in a walking pattern over a treadmill, with the goal of retraining a person to walk after a spinal cord injury. Robots in the medical industry have provided breakthroughs in physical rehabilitation and the market for these effective tools is only expected to keep growing dramatically. Custom Wire Industries is proud to support the tech that is supporting the recovery of debilitated individuals. 

Some wires and cables we assemble for medical applications include:

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