NICU Monitor Wiring Components

Neonatal ICU Monitor Wiring Assemblies

Patient monitoring systems are critical to administering proper care. The necessity of dependable monitoring systems only grows in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU). Ensuring doctors receive accurate information such as blood pressure, heart rate and breaths per minute is critical to a premature infant’s survival.  

NICU monitoring systems require advanced wiring assemblies. Modern NICU monitoring systems check for everything from Bradycardia to Apnea. With blood pressure, heart rate, breathing and more all measured by a single cardiopulmonary monitor, proper wiring is critical. Wiring to different electrodes and even within the monitoring device itself needs to be dependable and durable. Cardiopulmonary device manufacturers trust Custom Wire Industries to produce high quality wiring assemblies like:

Medical industry manufacturers require nothing short of the best components when patient’s lives are on the line. Trust the wiring experts at Custom Wire Industries to produce high quality medical wiring assemblies.

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