Pediatric Pulse Oximeters

Medical Wires and Cables from the Wisconsin ExpertsPediatric Pulse Oximeter

Pulse oximeters are vital medical instruments used by doctors all over the country, but infants and children who need medical care have to have a special type of pulse oximeter to monitor their heart rate and blood oxygen levels. Pediatricians need pulse oximeters for their patients to be reliable, accurate, and designed specifically for the weight/size of the child.  

If you work at a healthcare facility and need high-quality wires for your pediatric pulse oximeters, Custom Wire Industries is here to help. We fabricate the best wire and cable assemblies for medical professionals, and we manufacture the very best wires for necessary equipment like pediatric pulse oximeters.

Electromechanical Wire and Cable Assemblies for the Medical Industry

Wires and cables used in hospital equipment need to be fabricated with the highest-quality materials, and the professionals at Custom Wire Industries are here to manufacture any wire or cable assembly you may need.

Some of the wires and cables used to manufacture pediatric pulse oximeters include:

Custom Wire Industries is a UL and CSA certified wire and cable manufacturer located in Muskego, WI, and we offer the very best in medical wire assembling and fabrication. If you work in the healthcare industry and you’re looking for custom cables made for pediatric pulse oximeters, give Custom Wire Industries a call today.

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