Defibrillator Paddles

Paddle Electrodes for Cardiac DefibrillatorsCardiac Defibrillator Wire Fabrication

Some of the most vital pieces of equipment used by medical professionals today are defibrillator paddles. These electrically-charged paddles used by doctors and nurses everywhere are vital when reviving a patient going into cardiac arrest, and these pieces of equipment require the very best wire and cable assemblies to ensure they work properly at a moment’s notice. The essential part of defibrillators are the electrodes which send electric currents to the patient’s body, which means that medical professionals need to be able to trust the wires being used for these essential pieces of equipment.

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Custom Wire Industries provides expert wire and cable fabrication services for businesses throughout the United States, and we are able to help you and your company with all your cable manufacturing needs. Whether you work at a small healthcare facility or a large hospital, Custom Wire Industries can fabricate high-quality medical cables for your exact needs.

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