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Custom Wire Industries has decades of experience providing dependable cable fabrication services. We manufacture a huge array of products including:

Coaxial Cable AssembliesFiber Optic Cable

Customers trust our manufacturing capabilities and strict adherence to the highest quality control tests. At Custom Wire Industries, we consider ourselves to be partners with our manufacturing customers.

UL and CSA Certified Manufacturers

When you order from Custom Wire Industries, you're partnering with a quality-conscious manufacturer. Our quality assessment programs are second to none, providing the precise designs and quality manufacturing your business requires.

Based near Milwaukee Wisconsin, we consistently provide high quality custom cable fabrication services and manufacture electromechanical cables precisely designed to meet your exact specifications. Using your measurements and specifications, we create your custom component, produced with a commitment to complete satisfaction. Custom Wire Industries communicates with you throughout the entire manufacturing process. Your completed component will be delivered on time and within budget.

Wire & Cable Fabrication Products

Coaxial Cables TV cables specially built with a metal shield and other components engineered to block signal interference
Data Cables Cables used for data interfacing in telecommunications applications, such as Ethernet and USB cables
Fiber Optic Cables A length of glass or plastic wire designed to transmit light for sensor applications
Sensor Cables Specially-fabricated wires for electronic measurement for control and automation industries
Computer Cables Cables used within a computer or connecting computers to external devices
Interface Cables Cables used to connect two or more electronic devices together, such as printers to computers
Power Cables Electrical conductor cables used for the transmission of electrical power
Medical Cables Cables fabricated for medical electronic equipment
Ribbon Cables Flat wide cables used for transmitting electronic signals
Wire Cables Wires made to carry electrical signals
Ethernet Cables Crucial cables for connecting machines and devices to the internet.

Custom Cables Built to Your Specifications

Every cable must meet the precise specifications required for the specific industrial or commercial application. Our company representatives establish fruitful long-term working relationships with each of our clients.

Custom Wire Industries is a UL and CSA certified manufacturer. We have earned an excellent worldwide reputation for quality, competitive pricing, and superb customer service.

Our expertise enables us to answer your questions about all facets of cable fabrication including cable fabrication tools, cable fabrication process, modular cable fabrication and multi-pin cable fabrication. When clients know what they want for cable fabrication, they want Custom Wire Industries.

Our custom cable manufacturing and assembly ensure your custom wires are exactly what you need.

Contact the cable fabrication specialists at Custom Wire Industries for anything from custom medical cables to fiber optic cables.


Mil-Spec Coaxial Cables
Coaxial Cables or coax cables from Custom Wire are a part of the military spec cables we manufacture. Coaxial cables are commonly used by cable operators, internet providers, and telephone companies. They’re mainly used to convey data through antennae’s, video, and voice communications in a reliable and timely manner. The three most commonly used coaxial cables for video and audio use are RG59/U, RG6/U, and RG11/U.  The key to coaxial cable success since the 20th century has been its protective design around the copper co...
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Shipboard Cables
Custom Military Spec Shipboard Cables Shipboard cables from Custom Wire are a part of our military-spec cables. The ocean or any large body of water tends to be one of the biggest challenges for electrical components and electronic systems. These cables are meant to be used aboard a ship or vessel and are waterproof, fire-resistant, and durable to harsh weather conditions to keep the ship running. Shipboard cables are installed for electric power distribution to electric panels, lighting, control circuits, and instrumentation signals...
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GPT Primary Wire
Primary Wires customized for Vehicles General Purpose Thermoplastic (GPT) wire is a low voltage automotive primary wire designed to withstand liquids like water and oil. It is the most common wire you will find in auto shops and vehicles. Although it can endure liquids and has a temperature range of -72 degrees Fahrenheit to 153 degrees Fahrenheit, GPT wiring is mainly used indoors and is not meant to be exposed to outdoor weather. Primary wires feature a multi-stranded core and a flexible insulation layer able to fit into small spaces. Prima...
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Automotive Battery Cables
Custom Battery Cables for Vehicles When Custom Wire Industries designs automotive battery cables, they are made to be flexible and withstand harsh weather conditions and withstand corrosion. These custom cables are made with pure copper cable and assembled to order based on your requirements. Don’t overlook this important component to your vehicle, it plays a crucial role in powering all the electrical components of your vehicle.   Battery cables are made for, but not limited to: Cars Motorcycles RV Golf Cart Boats ...
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Aircraft Cables
Custom Military Wire Assemblies for Aircraft When designing for military purposes, aircraft cables should be able to withstand harsh military environments like chemicals, extreme temperatures, and rough materials. Custom Wire Industries provides custom military-grade wire assemblies and cable fabrication for a variety of military aircraft applications.   Applications for Mil-Spec Cables: Transmit high volumes of data in the field Reliable communications Reliable signal Aircraft control Get a quote for Custom Military C...
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UTP Cables
Custom Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) Cable Manufacturing Custom Wire Industries manufactures a wide spectrum of wire and cable assemblies, each custom-designed for each individual client. UTP Cables are color-coded data cables, that are used for a variety of applications. Made of 100-ohm copper cables, they contain 2 to 18000 unshielded twisted pairs. The twist decreases electrical noise and EMI. UTP's have no metallic shield but are enclosed by an outer jacket, this makes for a smaller cable in diameter, but leaves them unprotected against el...
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Messenger RG-6 Cables
Messenger RG-6 Cable
Get Messenger RG-6 Cables Fabricated for Your Application RG-6 cables are used for a wide variety of applications, but messenger RG-6 cables are distinguished by some waterproofing protection and an additional steel wire (messenger) along its length to act as a support for the cable. Messenger RG-6 cables are typically used in outdoor applications and are used to route cable television signals to and from homes. They are generally strong enough to be supported up in the air or even buried underground. Custom Wire Industries can fabricate high...
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Joystick Cable Assembly
Joystick Cable Assembly and Fabrication
Levers, Throttles, Push Pull Controls, and More from Custom Wire Industries When you need a high-quality joystick manufactured by a team of wire and cable professionals, Custom Wire Industries is the way to go. We fabricate electromechanical assemblies for joysticks used in a wide variety of industries – from aerospace to automotive, joystick controllers allow 360-degree direction control for devices used by companies like yours. Custom Wire Industries fabricates electromechanical assemblies for industries all over the United ...
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High Voltage Test Probes
High Voltage Test Probe Fabrication
Custom Cable Assembly for High Voltage Test Probes High voltage test probes are necessary pieces of equipment when you need to measure the voltage within closed circuits, such as televisions and photocopy machines. High voltage probes can provide the highest accuracy of volts when properly wired with high-quality wire assemblies. The professionals at Custom Wire Industries fabricate high voltage test probes for businesses just like yours. We are a UL and CSA certified manufacturer of custom cable assemblies and electronic kits, including...
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Twinaxial Cables
Twinax Cable Fabrication
Get Twinax Cables Fabricated by the Best in the Business Twin-axial, or “Twinax” cables, are very similar to coaxial cables, but there are two inner conductors instead of one. This type of cable used to be used exclusively in IBM computer hardware, but today they are useful for high-speed differential signaling in local area networks. Twinax cables work in a half-duplex mode since both inner conductors are necessary to make it work. If you need custom-fabricated Twinax cables made for your business, the professionals at Custom Wir...
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USB Cables
USB Cable Fabrication
Professionally-Fabricated USB Cables from Custom Wire Universal Serial Bus cables are computer cables first developed in the 1990s to standardize the connection of peripheral devices, such as cameras, printers, scanners, and more to computers. It’s served as a better, more modern replacement for other, slower types of computer wires and cables.  There are several different types of USB cables on the market, including: Type-A Type-B Type-C Mini-USB Micro-USB Lightning USB cables are commonly used by the general public bec...
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Parallel Cables
Parallel Cable and Port
Get Parallel Cables from the Experts at Custom Wire Industries While originating years ago with older models of computers, parallel cables are still used today for a wide variety of computer equipment. USB ports are more common for computers, but parallel cables and ports a found with a lot of hardware and computer equipment, such as printers, scanners, and external drives.  Custom Wire Industries can fabricate parallel cables for your business’s exact application. We are a UL and CSA certified company with a team of wire expe...
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HDMI Cables
HDMI Cable Fabrication
High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) Cables from Custom Wire Industries High definition multimedia interface cables, otherwise known as HDMI cables, are specifically designed to transmit high-definition audio and video signals through electronic devices. HDMI cables are currently the best and easiest method of transmitting these HD signals, and HDMI inputs can be found on most types of AV equipment, including equipment such as: HDTVs Projectors Sound systems AV receivers The wire and cable experts at Custom Wire Industries can ...
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PLC Cables
PLC Cable Fabrication
Get PLC Cables Manufactured for Your Industry A PLC, or a programmable logic controller, is an industrial digital computer used for controlling manufacturing processes, such as assembly lines, conveyor belts or robotic devices. The wires and cables used for PLCs are essential to communicating information to the manufacturing processes you’re controlling, and the experts at Custom Wire Industries can fabricate high-quality PLC cables for your exact application. No matter what type of communication port you have in your PLC, Custom W...
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Ribbon Cables for LCD TV Panels
Ribbon Cable Fabrication for LCD TVs
Get the Best Ribbon Cables Manufactured for Your LCD TV Panels LCD TVs are becoming increasingly popular televisions sets for modern consumers, typically because LCD screens are thinner, lighter, and have better displays than CRT or plasma televisions. Like other types of electronics, however, LCD TV panels need high-quality ribbon cables with interfaces to help them function. Ribbon cables are specially designed to take up as little space as possible, meaning they can easily fit within LCD TV panels. The professional engineers at Custom...
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Ethernet Cables
Ethernet Cable Fabrication Wisconsin
Data and Ethernet Cables from Custom Wire Industries Ethernet technology has been around since the 1970s, originally created by the company Xerox. It was initially named after the concept of luminiferous ether, and it soon rendered other data transmitting wires obsolete due to its ability to adapt to market fluctuations and support inexpensive twisted pair wiring. Ethernet cables remain some of the most important cables used in today’s computer age. Their main use is to carry broadband signals to Internet-capable devices – modems,...
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Modular Cables
Modular Cable Fabrication
Modular Cables from Custom Wire Industries When you need computer or telephone cables for your telecommunications or software business, Custom Wire Industries fabricates the best modular cables and connectors for your exact application. Modular cables and wires can detach from their power supply, like a computer router or television set, and are often easier to use than non-modular cables. Most electronic household items use modular cables, but modular cables and connectors can be utilized for industrial purposes as well.  &nbs...
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RS232 Serial Cables
Serial Cable Manufacturing
High Quality Serial Cables Manufactured for Your Industry RS232 serial cables were at one point data interface cables used to connect computers to modems, printers and data storage devices. Since Ethernet cables have become more popular with computer applications, serial cables continue to be used mostly in larger devices such as industrial machines, networking equipment and scientific instruments. RS232 interfaces are best for short-range, low speed wired data connection for electronic equipment applications. Custom Wire Industries...
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Ribbon Cables for Printers
Ribbon Cables for Printers
High Quality Ribbon Cables Fabricated for Printers and Printing Devices Ribbon cables are used in a wide variety of applications, and printers are one of the most common pieces of equipment needing ribbon cables to help it function properly. Flat ribbon cables are often utilized for printer applications because of their simplicity and space-saving flattened shape. Insulation-displacement connectors (IDC) are also a big advantage of ribbon cables since they eliminate the need to strip the ribbon cable of insulation when connecting it to the pri...
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Semi-Rigid Coax Cables
Semi-Rigid Coaxial Cable
Get Semi-Rigid Coaxial Cable Assemblies from Custom Wire Industries When you need a sturdy, reliable coaxial cable for your particular industry, semi-rigid coaxial cables are the way to go. These types of cables are ideal as they optimize dielectric properties and have a shielding quality which other types of coax cables don’t, and their tough, semi-flexible design allow them to be molded into any formation you need them to be in. Some applications which often utilize semi-rigid coaxial cables include: Radar equipment Microwave comp...
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Ribbon Cables for CD Drives
Ribbon Cables for CD Drives
Get High Quality Ribbon Cables Manufactured from Custom Wire Industries Much like with hard disk drives, CD drives need ribbon cables to internally interface and connect to the CD-ROM in order for it to work. Ribbon cables are important for all types of internal computer connections, and the expert wiring technicians at Custom Wire Industries ensures your ribbon cables for CD drives are manufactured to the highest standards of excellence. Get a Quote for Ribbon Cables Professional Wire and Cable Assemblies Manufactured for Yo...
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