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Custom Wire Industries is a UL and CSA certified manufacturer with vast amounts of experience in electrical cable production and assembly. We provide total solutions for industries that need complete hardware systems overhauls, but we are not limited to large projects alone. Our expertise in producing custom-made parts, including cables, wiring, and control panels, is just a small piece of what makes Custom Wire Industries a world-class manufacturer and industrial service provider.

We deliver the exact products our customers want, meeting industry quality standards and exceeding expectations at every turn. Our product line includes:

These electromechanical components reach a wide array of jobs and projects. We create custom-tailored solutions to your most complex wiring and cable needs.

Electric Components with the Best Design and Price

Custom Wire Industries is a contract manufacturer of electrical components. From ribbon cables to electromechanical devices, we can create the exact product you need. We employ a staff of technicians and office support professionals dedicated to providing our clients the best service and products possible.

Electrical Cable Manufacturers Specializing In Wire and Cable Assemblies

Custom Wire Industries is your world-class electrical supplier, specializing in wire and cable assemblies. Our electrical supplies are made to each of our customer’s unique specifications. You know you'll receive the highest-quality products possible when choosing Custom Wire Industries. Our 100-member staff is small enough to provide individualized care and attention, but large enough to finish even the most demanding job on time.

Products manufactured by Custom Wire Industries include:

Finest-Quality Electrical Wire Manufacturing

Custom Wire Industries specializes in custom manufacturing electrical wiring and assemblies. We are dedicated to providing clients with the highest-quality products for the lowest possible price. Our expertise and flexibility allow Custom Wire Industries to make any electrical wiring assembly you need, from simple wire harnesses to complex control systems.

Industry-Leading Electrical Wiring Supplier

Your company's industrial power supply is a vital component of maximizing productivity. Custom Wire Industries offers a number of custom assemblies that can be crafted to your unique specifications. A customized electrical wiring supply will assure a smoother operation and higher productivity in your manufacturing process.

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