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Dependable Medical Cables

Custom Wire Industries provides a variety of cable assemblies and lead wires for many different industries. Each of our manufactured products are constructed for optimal reliability. In particular, our medical cable assemblies are constructed to provide consistent, top of the line performance. Our medical cable assemblies are dependable during emergency situations, during patient testing and monitoring. We supply custom cable solutions for a variety of medical applications and devices, from ambulance cots and pain management systems to EKGs and surgical equipment.

As a UL and CSA certified manufacturer, Custom Wire Industries employs the professionals who have the skills to construct medical cables for your specific needs. Whether you have a complete CAD design, a drawing, or just a basic idea of the type of assembly you need, our engineers will work with you to design and create the perfect medical cable assembly for your unique specifications.

Medical cable assemblies are commonly used for:

Communications interfaces commonly use LAN, serial, or fiber optic cables.

Custom Assembly Manufacturing Services

All of our assembly services are geared to providing you with the most customized, professional equipment possible. Working with a provider like Custom Wire Industries gives you an edge because we have experience in a variety of industrial fields. Quality control testing at every stage of production ensures our electromechanical components, including medical cable assemblies, meet all requirements, standards and specifications.

We offer services for the following products and assemblies:

We work to make your consultation as easy as possible while providing the manufacturing services you expect. Request a quote from us, and get the process started today. We'll be able to help you understand the manufacturing process, including the process of creating a medical cable assembly.

Popular Sizes of Power Cable Assemblies

  • 14 AWG: This size is commonly used for medium to high-power applications. It can handle higher currents and is often employed in industrial equipment, power distribution, and heavy machinery.
  • 12 AWG: This size is suitable for higher power requirements and can handle even larger currents. It is frequently used in applications such as high-power motors, generators, and industrial machinery.
  • 10 AWG: This larger gauge size is commonly used for heavy-duty power applications, especially in industries like construction, energy, and manufacturing, where substantial power transmission is required.

Popular Sizes of Injection Molded Cable Assemblies

  • Mini/Micro Connectors: These connectors are often used in smaller devices, such as consumer electronics or medical equipment. Common sizes for injection molded cable assemblies with mini/micro connectors include 8-pin, 12-pin, or 16-pin configurations.
  • Standard Connectors: Standard connectors like USB, HDMI, or Ethernet may have different sizes, but common injection molded cable assembly sizes for these connectors range from 1 meter to 3 meters in length.

Popular Sizes of Ribbon Cable Assemblies:

  • 10-pin Ribbon Cable: This size is often used for applications requiring multiple parallel connections, such as internal computer wiring or control systems.
  • 20-pin Ribbon Cable: Larger ribbon cables with 20 pins are commonly used in applications like data transfer, flat-panel displays, or industrial automation systems.
  • 40-pin Ribbon Cable: This size is frequently used in applications that require higher pin counts, such as IDE or SCSI interfaces in computer systems.
Contact our medical cable assembly technicians for more information on custom assembly today. Custom Wire Industries, Inc. is a UL and CSA certified electrical wire and cable assemblies manufacturer. We regularly serve the cities of Indianapolis, Detroit, Chicago, Minneapolis, Denver, Atlanta and Dallas.

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