MRI Machines

Custom Assemblies for MRI Machines in the Medical IndustryWire Assemblies for MRI Scanner

Magnetic resonance imaging scanners, also known as MRI scanners, are one of the most important pieces of equipment doctors use when diagnosing their patients. Whether they need it to take an image of a patient’s head, chest or foot, MRIs can clearly show what’s wrong with a patient, no matter how subtle the issue may be.

Some of the wires commonly used in MRI machines include:

Wiring for MRI machines can include anything from cable assemblies for the scanner, to the ECG electrodes used on patients inside the MRI machine. No matter what the project may be, Custom Wire Industries can help! Our wiring professionals provide high quality wire and cable assemblies for the medical industry, and our professional engineers can help you with your next project! For over 40 years, Custom Wire has provided the best custom wire and cable assemblies for a wide variety of industries, and we can help you for your particular medical wiring project.

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