Telepresence Medical Robots

Custom Wire Assemblies for Telepresence Robots in the Medical IndustryTelepresence Medical Robots

Telemedicine is a rapidly growing field, and telepresence robots are at the heart of this growth, becoming more and more popular in hospitals and homes around the world. In rural hospital settings, medical specialists can be few and far between. Robots can be deployed to counteract lack of doctor availability, allowing doctors to check in on patients through telecommunication when they would otherwise be physically unavailable. In a home setting, telepresence robots allow nurses to check in with patients while they recover in the comfort of their own home. These robots are proving to be essential tools for medical monitoring and could change the landscape of assisted living, allowing senior citizens to continue living an independent life at home with the assistance of telepresence robots, rather than a nursing home. Custom Wire is proud to support the telepresence robot industry that is leading the way for innovations in the medical field.  


Some wires and cables we assemble for medical applications include:

High-Quality Wire Assemblies for the Medical Industry

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