Disposable Electrode Wiring

Custom Cable Manufacturing for EEG and EKG Machines

Disposable electrodes are used with EEG and EKG machines to monitor patient health during hospital stays. Multiple electrode pads are placed on the body to record vital data. When the patient is discharged these pads are thrown away. While the electrodes are disposable the monitoring tools they connect with are not. They need to be maintained so they continue to operate. This may mean replacing or upgrading wiring and cable assemblies. Custom Wire Industries, UL and CSA certified, manufactures electrical wire and cable assemblies for all types of EEG and EKG machines. We can wire high quality medical equipment for EEG and EKG machines at your medical facility.

Wiring for Electrical Monitors

Types of medical cable and wire assemblies available for disposable electrodes:

Custom Wire Industries engineers are the top experts in specialty wire manufacturing for the medical industry. Order your custom assemblies today for use with disposable electrode monitoring.

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