Defibrillator Wiring and Manufacturing

Custom Wire Assemblies for Medical DefibrillatorsCustom Wiring for Medical Defibrillators

Custom Wire Industries is a leading manufacturer for the medical industry with a vast amount of experience in producing assemblies and composites for medical equipment in particular defibrillators. Defibrillators are important pieces of equipment used by medical professionals in emergencies, therefore it is important defibrillators have the proper wiring done to ensure they work at the right time and in the right capacity.

Defibrillators work by sending electric currents through the wires toward the metal paddle. This means the wiring needs to be completely accurate, and defibrillator manufacturers have to trust the best wiring professionals to get the job done right. The engineers at CWI are experts when it comes to electromechanical wiring assemblies for the medical industry, and we can make sure your defibrillators continue to work at peak performance.

Certain wire and cable assemblies we use for medical applications such as defibrillators include:

Our wiring professionals and technicians continuously meet the demands of today’s medical industry ensuring your wire assemblies work in high performance with whatever application you need. Request a quote for your specific assembly, and we will provide you with all the options for your particular medical application.

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