Cable Assemblies for Diagnostic Equipment

Custom Wiring for Diagnostic Medical EquipmentWire and Cable Assemblies for Diagnostic Medical Equipment

The engineers at Custom Wire Industries manufacture all types of wire assemblies for the medical industry. We specialize in many types of cable assemblies, and we also produce many types of diagnostic medical equipment composite cables. Diagnostic equipment and machines are vital in the medical community to help aid in the diagnosis of serious medical conditions, and therefore it is important to ensure these machines are wired properly.

Diagnostic medical equipment such as CT scanners, ultrasound machines, x-ray machines and MRI machines need custom wire assemblies to make them function. The team of wiring experts Custom Wire are here to help you with all your wire and cable assembly needs for diagnostic medical equipment.

The types of cables we commonly use to wire equipment for medical applications include:

The technicians at Custom Wire have decades of cable design experience, and they provide standard as well as customized wires and cables to meet all the specifications for diagnostic medical equipment. Request a quote for your specific assembly today, and we will provide you with all the options for your particular application.

Contact CWI to get a quote on your custom assemblies for diagnostic medical equipment.