Cable Fabrication and Custom Assembly Quote

Custom Cable Fabrication and Wire Assemblies Built with Quality

Custom Wire Industries takes pride in developing high quality, UL and CSA certified electromechanical assemblies and harnesses. We have decades of experience manufacturing components to your exact specifications. Our engineers work directly with you to ensure your custom electrical component is built correctly.

Fill out the contact form with as much information as you can about your desired part.

Custom Wire IndustriesIdeally the following information is required from our customers to begin the quotation phase of any project:

  • A legible detailed drawing of the complete assembly
  • To submit more than one file, please compress them into a ZIP before sending
  • Samples or detailed pictures of the assembly
  • A legible detailed "Bill of Materials" that MUST INCLUDE the original manufactures part number and description
  • The highlighting of any proprietary components
  • A general statement regarding the use of customer approved substitutions
  • The "R.F.Q." dated and a requested date for return

The more information you provide, the more accurate your quote will be. If we are unsure of any aspect, we will contact you before sending a quote out to you. If your request is for budgetary purposes only, please let us know so we can expedite your quote request.

In instances where all this information is not available, Custom Wire Industries will need additional time to research and review the questionable components. The quotation will then be considered a "Budgetary Quotation" and the final costs adjustments will be determined by any customer changes to the materials or specifications.

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