Fiber Optic Cable Assembly

Fiber Optic Cable Assembly

Custom Assembly for Fiber Optic Cables

Optical fiber is a length of glass or plastic designed to transmit light down its length. Optical fibers can be used for lighting, decoration and even in toys. Some of the most common uses include medical and industrial endoscopes, sensors and in telecommunications. 

Custom Wire Industries produces fiber optic cable assemblies for virtually any industry. Our team of UL and CSA certified wiring professionals are dedicated to providing every client with the best products possible, and our fiber optics assemblies are no different. Some uses for fiber optic assemblies may include:

No matter what application you use your fiber optic cables for, the engineers at Custom Wire are here to help.

Custom Wire will help you design any assembly required to suit your unique specifications. We create a variety of fiber optic cable assemblies, including:

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The Custom Wire staff is committed to providing quality products and services. We employ dependable technical and assembly specialists and a management support staff, who are dedicated to client satisfaction. We also employ three full-time engineers with over a century of manufacturing experience between them. With a staff like this, it's no wonder our fiber optic cable assemblies are among the best available.

Contact our custom fiber optic cable assembly professionals for a free quote today.

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