Data Cable Fabrication

Data Cable Fabrication

Dependable Electromechanical Data Cable Fabrication

Custom Wire Industries specializes in manufacturing wire and cable assemblies designed specifically for each unique client and project. We can manufacture any wire or cable product, from the most modest lead wire to a complicated control panel. One custom product we offer is the highly versatile data cable, which can be used in a variety of applications and industries. The most common Data cables we fabricate include:

Data cables are used for everything from doorbell wiring to high-speed internet. It is also used for video and RF distribution. Other cables we fabricate can be found here

Data Cables for Modern Applications

One of the most useful applications for custom wires and cables in the modern age is for data interfacing. Several different protocols and layouts for data cables are used for telecommunications purposes, and each type has different properties for its own specific purpose.

  • RS232 cables (or serial cables) are used to connect devices under the protocol form that bears the same name. These cables are primarily useful when cheap communication is necessary at a moderate speed over longer distances, and are even suitable for unbalanced circuits.

  • Modular cables and modular connectors are mostly used in computer network configurations based on UTP and FTP cables, and are often assembled in twisted pairs. Analog and ISDN telephone connections are often wired with modular cables.

  • Parallel cables are data cables which allow multiple bits of data to be transferred simultaneously, but in the past have been used to connect printers to computers. The parallel data lines ensure a fast data exchange which is important when large print jobs are processed. Cables with parallel interfacing are also capable of two-way communication.

  • PLC cables are used to connect industrial controllers with computers and peripherals. Most PLC cables can be programmed from a PC via a serial cable. There are lots of different possible layouts, have our technicians at Custom Wire Industries configure your custom cable properly

  • Ethernet cables are cables which carry broadband signals between routers, computers and all other Internet devices. Ethernet cables are some of the most widely used cables in homes today, since they connect all devices to a local area network.

  • USB cables are similar to Ethernet cables, except USB is used to connect peripheral devices to a computer while Ethernet is used to connect broadband. “USB” stands for Universal Serial Bus, and these computer cables are exceptionally fast, transferring up to 480 Mbps. USB cables are considered a universal standard, and are easy to use and afford.

If you have any questions or comments about Custom Wire’s products or our manufacturing process, contact our wire and cable experts today. You can learn more about our data cable manufacturing capabilities by filling out our online form, or feel free to give us a call at 262-679-9700.

Contact the custom data cable manufacturing experts at Custom Wire to see how our services will improve your business.

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