Reusable EEG Electrodes

EEG Electrodes Fabricated for the Medical IndustryReusable EEG Electrode Fabrication

While there are many benefits to using disposable cups for EEG electrodes in the medical industry, the reusable EEG electrodes are understandably more reliable and accepted for quality testing. Reusable cups for electrodes are designed (often times with silver or a silver alloy) to provide effectiveness, ease of use, and reliable signals. Reusable electrodes also help healthcare facilities to save money since they don’t need to be disposed of after only one use.

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Medical Cables Made By Professionals Who Care

Custom Wire Industries is a leading manufacturer of a variety of cables and wire products often used in the medical industry. We produce high-quality wires and composite cables for reusable EEG electrodes used on patients in healthcare facilities, and our professional engineers have the experience to ensure that these cables are reliable and durable.

The equipment we produce wires and cables for include:

Our team of wiring professionals has decades of experience wiring custom cable assemblies, and we believe no challenge is too difficult to undertake. We guarantee our customized wire assemblies for your reusable EEG electrodes will live up to all your specifications. Request a quote from us today to get started on your custom wire assemblies.

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