Wires and Cables for the Dental Industry

Custom Wiring and Cables for Dentist and Orthodontist OfficesWires and Cables for the Dental Industry

Whether you’re starting up a new dental office or you’re upgrading your existing one, high-quality equipment is absolutely necessary to complete the project. Providing the best quality of care to patients is important to all dentists and orthodontists, therefore their equipment needs to be wired and manufactured to the highest quality standards.

If you need custom wires and cables made for your dental or orthodontic office, call the experts at Custom Wire Industries today. We create completely custom cable and wire assemblies to fit any dental and orthodontic industry application. Our engineers and technicians understand the importance of keeping medical machinery, equipment, and tools up and running efficiently and accurately.

Types of Equipment and Applications Required for Dental and Orthodontic Offices


Dental/Orthodontic Devices

Types / Applications

Digital Radiography Cephalometric X-ray, 3D Cone Beam ImagingDigital Panoramic X-ray
CAD/CAM Technology Chairside CAD/CAM System, Dental 3D PrintersChairside Milling Systems
Dental Cameras Camera Flash Power Controllers, Extraoral Dental CamerasIntraoral Cameras
Dental Light Systems Curing Light Meters, Halogen Curing Lights, LED Curing Lights, Overhead LightsOperatory Lights
Dental Handpiece Systems Electric Handpieces, Air TurbinesHandpiece Heads
Dental Lasers Dental Diode Lasers, All-Tissue Dental LasersCO2 Soft Tissue Laser
Dental Sterilization Equipment Instrument Washers, AutoclavesUltrasonic Cleaners
Surgical Equipment Dental ECG/EKG Monitors, Electrosurgery SystemsSurgical Handpieces
Emergency Equipment Automated External Defibrillators
Endodontic Equipment Pulp Testers, Endodontic Apex LocatorsEndodontic Electric Motors


Wires and Cables Fabricated for Dental and Orthodontic Equipment

Cables and wires created for the dental and orthodontic industry need to meet unique specifications and requirements. Custom Wire Industries has the knowledge and technology to create exactly what you need within your specifications.

Our electromechanical engineers will provide you with customized solutions tailored to your dental or orthodontic industry. If you don’t see your application or cable/wire type listed, contact us. We guarantee we’ll find and create the custom wire and cable assemblies you’re looking for.

Contact the dental wire and cable fabricators at Custom Wire Industries today.

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