Power Cables

Custom Power Cable Fabrication

Electrical Power Cables Custom Built for Your Industry

Custom Wire Industries produces and manufacturers cable assemblies of nearly every type, including electrical power cables. Our experience with cable assemblies allows us to integrate a number of different products and services. Electrical power cables, data cables and control panels from Custom Wire Industries are all fully customizable to your specifications.

Giving our power cable manufacturers as many details as you can, allows our professional to generate an accurate understanding of your current cable needs. From your information, we will deliver products meeting those exact needs and exceeding your quality standards.

Custom Wire Cable Manufacturing Capabilities

Our manufacturing services include a range of disciplines which go beyond electrical power cables. If you have a need for electrical power cables as well as other industrial assemblies, Custom Wire Industries will oblige you. We have the capability to process cables up to 250 MCM. For any other inquiries about electrical power cables, assemblies and manufacturing, please contact us today.

Electrical Power Cable Manufacturers

Custom Wire Industries is a wire and cable manufacturer based in Muskego, Wisconsin. We've been providing custom made products for over 40 years. Our engineers have years of experience in the industry and their know-how shows in the quality of our cable and wire assemblies. We provide a variety of products, but one of our top sellers is power cables.

Custom Wire Industries specializes in creating power cables made to your precise specifications. Our skilled staff will work with you to learn exactly what kind of products you need. Then Custom Wire's engineers will use their years of experience to create a long-lasting power cable meeting those needs. After we have created the absolute best product for you, we will set to work manufacturing the assembly in our unique facility.


Contact our electrical power cable manufacturers today to learn more about our capabilities and how vertical integration saves you money.
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