Motorized Hospital Beds

Get Medical Wire and Cable Assemblies for Hospital BedsCable Assemblies for Hospital Beds

Motorized hospital beds are standards in modern hospitals and medical facilities, and the experts at Custom Wire Industries are here to help you manufacture wire and cable assemblies for your hospital bed.

Whether you have a semi-electric or full electric hospital bed you need wire and cable assemblies for, the wiring professionals at Custom Wire can help! We will design, create and test any type of medical cable assembly you need to ensure your equipment works properly.

Some common wires in medical cable assemblies can include:

The wiring professionals at Custom Wire have had decades of experience manufacturing custom cables and assemblies for businesses all over the country. We promise to meet all the wire specifications for your motorized hospital bed – just give us a call and get a quote on our services. 

Call or email the medical cable manufacturers at Custom Wire Industries today.