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Electromechanical Cables for Any Industry Shipped Nationwide

Custom Wire Industries designs, manufactures, and ships custom cable and wire assemblies for companies nationwide. With a team of engineers who possess deep knowledge and practical experience, we deliver the electromechanical cables and wires you need, custom-tailored to your specific application.

From the computer to the medical field, Custom Wire Industries can create an electromechanical cable assembly to solve even the toughest of problems. Request a quote to get your next project started.


Manufacturer of Many Custom Cable Assembly Types

Custom Wire Industries can build unique cable assemblies for many applications.

Available Cable Assembly Types

Custom Wire & Cable Assemblies For All Industries

Industries Served by Custom Wires Industries
Medical Military
Automotive Industrial
Software Energy
Telecommunications Aerospace
Instrumentation Factories
Construction Warehouses
Gaming Agriculture

Cable Assembly Products From Custom Wire

Our cable assembly products can be used for a wide range of situations, including but not limited to:

Custom heavy duty cable and wire assemblies Medical Equipment Wiring

Cable Assemblies vs Wire Harnesses

Wire harnesses and cable assemblies differ in their structure and purpose. A wire harness is a collection of wires bundled together with connectors, protective sleeves, and multiple breakouts in many different directions. On the other hand, cable assemblies typically refer to multiple wires bundled together by a single external sleeve, usually containing 2 ends, designed to transmit power, data, or both. While wire harnesses focus on organizing and routing wires, cable assemblies emphasize the convenience of ready-to-use cables for immediate connectivity.

Why Choose Custom Wire Industries for Your Custom Cable Assemblies?

Wire Assemblies Built to UL & CSA Standards

Each assembly requires careful coordination with your design team so that technical specifications can be met, and you can get your component returned to you faster. Our custom-assembled electromechanical components are built to UL and CSA standards.

Rigorous Quality Control Program

We have extensive quality assessment programs, which are supplemented by customer quality performance data which we use to assure a zero defect process. Every electromechanical wire or cable will be tested and delivered. We're dedicated to total quality management, providing our clients with electromechanical cables and assemblies that meet and exceed standards.

Strong Customer Engagement

Our US-based engineers maintain contact with every client throughout the cable assembly manufacturing process. You are kept up-to-date on your project’s status from design to delivery.

Industry Leading Technology

At Custom Wire Industries, we leverage industry-leading CAD technology alongside state-of-the-art wire processing and testing equipment. This allows us to deliver exceptional quality and precision in manufacturing wire assemblies. When you order from Custom Wire, your cable assemblies will meet the highest standards of performance and reliability.

Contact Custom Wire for cable assemblies nationwide. We service clients near our Wisconsin headquarters and nationwide in cities including Milwaukee, Oshkosh, Madison, Indianapolis, Detroit, Chicago, Minneapolis, Denver, Atlanta, Dallas, and more.