Custom Assembly

Electromechanical Cables and Wires Built for Every Industry

Custom Wire Industries has engineers who possess a deep knowledge and practical experience. We deliver the electromechanical cables and wires you need, custom-tailored to your specific application.

Our engineers will consult with your design team, to create a custom solution to your most challenging electromechanical cable fabrication and assembly needs. From the computer to medical fields, Custom Wire Industries utilizes industry-leading technology to design and fabricate custom cable assemblies to your specifications. We provide high-quality products at cost-effective prices.

Our specialists have assisted in all types of special design work including:

Heavy Duty Construction Cable
Medical Equipment Wiring

Composite Cables for Diagnostic Medical Equipment

Medical equipment is constantly evolving and changing to better treat patients. Custom Wire Industries is at the forefront of new medical cable developments, custom creating cables for your facility. From prevention monitoring to use in defibrillators, the electromechanical engineering team at Custom Wire has the experience and capability to create the exact wire you need to further advance your medical facility.

Military Spec. Power Cable Systems

Custom Wire Industries offers custom military spec. power cables which are designed for extreme environments. Durable and dependable, our military spec. power cables can be used for a variety of demanding applications. We manufacture some of the nation’s best, most reliable power cables. UL and CSA certified, rely on our electromechanical engineers for rugged power cables.

Each assembly requires careful coordination with your design team, so technical specifications can be met, and you can get your component returned to you faster. Our custom assembled electromechanical components are built to UL and CSA standards.

We have extensive quality assessment programs, which are supplemented by customer quality performance data which we use to assure a zero defect process. We're dedicated to total quality management, providing our clients with high-quality electromechanical cables and assemblies.

Custom Electrical Cables and Assemblies

Our US-based engineers maintain contact with every client to outline your exact needs. You are kept up-to-date throughout the entire process from testing to delivery. With over 40 years of practical experience in wire manufacturing, Custom Wire Industries can create virtually any custom assembly. We use industry leading CAD technology, the latest wire processing and testing equipment in our manufacturing processes. Custom Wire Industries consistently provides clients across the country with customized wire and cable solutions to challenging problems.

Every electromechanical wire or cable will be tested and delivered to meet your exact standards.

Contact the custom assembly engineers at Custom Wire Industries for high-quality electromechanical components.