EEG and EKG Electrode Wire Assemblies

Custom Wiring and Manufacturing for EEG and EKG MachinesCustom Wire Assemblies for EKG and EEG Machines for the Medical Industry

Custom Wire Industries is a UL and CSA certified manufacturer of electrical wire and cable assemblies in Wisconsin , and we manufacture wire assemblies for many medical applications. We can wire high quality electrodes for EEG and EKG machines for your medical office or hospital.

EEG and EKG machines are advanced medical devices which create a picture of the electrical activity of the brain. Wires and electrodes are necessary for these devices to work, meaning doctors and medical practitioners need to be sure the machines are wired perfectly.

Types of medical cable and wire assemblies we can manufacture for EEG and EKG machines include:

For decades, the wiring experts at Custom Wire Industries have manufactured wire and cable assemblies for many industries. We can provide you with high-quality, customized wire assemblies for you medical equipment and great prices.

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