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Aerospace Custom Cable Ribbon AssembliesElectromechanical Assemblies for Commercial and Military Aircrafts

The aerospace industry depends on reliable cables and wires to ensure communications are sent clearly and efficiently. If you need electromechanical wire assemblies to repair your aircraft's engine, fuselage, wing, or landing gear, high-quality cables, and wiring materials are always going to be essential. 

The aerospace industry can trust Custom Wire Industries with their equipment. Even though the entire aerospace industry can encompass weapons, spacecraft, and special unmanned aircraft systems; our team of wiring experts can help you make assemblies for all of these. You can trust our services for any project in the aerospace industry you may need to have done. 


Versatile Aerospace Wire Applications

At Custom Wire Industries, we supply wires that can be utilized for various aerospace applications including:

  • Aircraft/Aircraft Test Stands
  • Antennas
  • Gyroscope Position Signal
  • Satellite Trackers
  • Spacesuits
  • Telemetry

Data Transmission Cables for the Aerospace Industry

Data transmission is an important aspect of aerospace applications since wires and cables are generally needed to carry information from one source to another. One of the most common types of data transmission cables is coaxial cables, which are custom fabricated by the experts at Custom Wire Industries. Other common types of data transmission cables used in aerospace include twisted pair cables, Ethernet cables, and USB cables.

We provide a diverse selection of custom cables and wires to the aerospace industry that includes but is not limited to:

We specialize in manufacturing cables that are specifically engineered to excel in demanding environments. Our cables are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, resist cuts, and exhibit exceptional chemical resistance, ensuring reliable performance in the harshest conditions.

Custom wire and cable services are a relatively small, and specialized niche. Because of this, it can be hard to find quality work in a one-stop shop having a proven reputation supported by years of positive feedback. The aerospace industry needs the best cable fabrication services they can depend on. Their trust in our company should be assurance enough for anyone considering using our business for any magnitude of needs. 

Contact the aerospace cable and wire manufacturers at Custom Wire Industries for more information or to request a quote.

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