Industries Served for Custom Wiring and Cable Products

Electromechanical Assemblies for Every Industry

Custom data cablesCustom Wire Industries Inc., has years of experience manufacturing UL and CSA certified electrical wire and cable assemblies. Our team of engineers are highly experienced with implementing custom solutions for a wide variety of industries ranging from medical to military.

No matter what you need, we can manufacture a completely customized solution for you. We also offer fast turnaround time and competitive pricing, so you don’t have to lose money with downtime.

Whether your industry requires microscopic wires to massive cable assemblies, Custom Wire Industries, Inc. has you covered.

The industries we serve include, but are not limited to:


The medical industry often requires custom cable and wire assemblies. We are experienced with manufacturing electromechanical assemblies for a variety of medical applications like diagnostic equipment, electrosurgical instruments, implants, and defibrillators. Our custom wires and cables are designed to meet the specifications and requirements for biocompatibility and sterilization.

Common cables and wires for medical applications includes, but are not limited to:

Lead wires, computer interface cables, control panel interfaces, & high-speed data cable assembly and fabrication for the medical industry


Custom cables and wire assemblies manufactured for the military need to be durable and dependable. Our military cable assemblies and harnesses are constructed with extreme attention to detail. It is vital for cables and wires to withstand harsh environments and function correctly in critical moments. Our assemblies use cables and wires with excellent signal integrity, increasing the clarity and reliability of the data being sent or received. Some of the applications for assemblies include surveillance system equipment, field communication equipment, navigation systems, and in-flight medical systems.

Some of the military custom cable and wire assemblies we manufacture include:

Mil-Spec Ribbon Cables, Shielded Cables, Mil-Spec Coaxial Cables, Aircraft Cables, Shipboard Cables


The telecommunications industry requires custom wires and cables that hold up to the elements and carry large amounts of data without interference. We manufacture dependable cable and wire harnesses and assemblies for all types of telecommunications applications including radio and television broadcasting, satellites, computer systems, LAN and WAN, and telephones.

Our telecommunications wires and cables include:

Telecommunications Cable


Both commercial and military aircrafts need reliable wires and cables to ensure data is transmitted clearly and securely. Aircrafts need custom cables and wires for in-flight entertainment systems, navigation systems, communication systems, and cockpit instrumentation.

Some of our custom aerospace industry cables and wires include:

Custom Ribbon Cables, Electrical Cables, Electromechanical lead wire assemblies, and Data transmission cables


The instrumentation industry needs extremely high levels of precision, so cables and wires must be able to transmit and receive data without interference. Our wire and cable assemblies have a high signal integrity to greatly reduce the amount of interference.

We manufacture a variety of custom wires and cables for the instrumentation industry including:

High quality sensor cables, ribbon cables for computers and calibration machines, and custom power cables made to specification


Custom Wire Industries has a great selection of electromechanical wire and cable assemblies for automotive applications. We fabricate a wide variety of wires and cables for the automotive industry, including:

Automotive wires, wiring, automotive industry, interface cables, Custom Wire Harness Assemblies for Cars, High Quality Custom Wires, and Battery Cables


Custom Wire Industries assembles the wire and cable components your business requires to run smoothly. Custom Wire Industries fabricates a wide variety of wires and cables for industrial applications, including:

Industrial Loading Dock


Custom Wire Industries provides specially assembled wires and cable components to use in construction applications. Our team of professional wire engineers fabricates durable wires and cables for the construction industry, including:

Power Cables, Mechanical Cable Assemblies, Data Cables, Coaxial Cables, Durable Wires, and Telecommunicational Wires


Custom Wire Industries is a world-class manufacturer of wire and cable assemblies. Our custom assembled electromechanical components are always manufactured to UL and CSA certified standards, and we manufacture many different types of wire and cable assemblies used in warehouse environments, including:

Wire Harness Assemblies, Computer Cables, Ribbon Cables, Data Cables, Precise Cables, and Durable Cables


We understand the importance of factories having the best-wired machinery and computers available, and Custom Wire’s expertise can create exactly what you need within your wiring requirements. Wire and cable fabrication services for factories can include:

Power Cables, Sensor Cables, Wire Harness Assemblies, Ribbon Cables, and Expert Technician Cables


The experts at Custom Wire Industries have had 40 years of experience building and manufacturing custom wire and cable assemblies for all types of industries. With the rising popularity of the gaming & entertainment industries, proper wiring and cable assemblies have become more and more important.  

Wire and cable assemblies for the gaming & entertainment industry can include:

Custom Wire Assemblies and Wire Harnesses for the Gaming Industry


Farmers and agriculture specialists need to rely on perfectly-made cable assemblies and wire harnesses from reputable wire and cable manufacturers to keep their equipment running smoothly. The wiring professionals at Custom Wire Industries fabricate heavy duty wires and cables for the agriculture industry, including:

Custom Assemblies, Coaxial Cables, Electromechanical Lead Wires, Electrical Cable Assemblies, and Heavy Machinery Cables


Our fabricating specialists manufacture a wide variety of wire and cable assemblies for the software industry, and we are available to help you with whatever assembly you need. Some of the wires and cables we fabricate for the software industry include:

USB Cables, Ethernet Cables, Computer Cables, and Data Cables


Power generation for wind, hydro, solar, and other renewable energy applications doesn’t have to be a hassle when your company has high-quality wires and cables. Custom Wire Industries fabricates wires and cables for alternative energy applications, including:

Cables for Alternative Energy


Like medical cables assemblies, wires and cables for the dental/orthodontic industry require the most precise high-quality fabrication. The wiring professionals at Custom Wire Industries fabricate a wide range of cable assemblies for dental machinery, including:

Wires and Cables for the Dental Industry

Electromechanical Components Completely Customized for You

Custom Wire Industries, Inc. doesn’t just stop at a few industries. No matter what industry you need custom cable and wire harnesses and assemblies, look no further. We can provide you with anything from small-scale order to full blown large production runs.

Contact cable and wire harness manufacturers for a completely customized solution.