Dental Surgical Equipment

Get Wires and Cables Fabricated for Dental Monitors and Surgical HandpiecesDental Surgical Equipment Wire Fabrication

Surgical procedures are performed often by dentists and orthodontists. Endodontic, periodontal, and other kinds of dental procedures require proper surgical handpieces and drills. Electric surgical equipment and handpieces are designed to create maximum access and visibility when operating on teeth.

If you need custom wires and cables made for dental equipment, call the experts at Custom Wire Industries today. We create completely custom cable and wire assemblies to fit any dental and orthodontic industry application, and we understand the importance of quality and precision when fabricating wires and cables for medical equipment.

Quality Assemblies from Custom Wire Industries

When you order from Custom Wire Industries, you're partnering with the best quality-conscious manufacturer in Wisconsin. Our quality assessment programs are second to none, providing the precise designs and quality manufacturing your business requires. We consistently provide high-quality custom cable fabrication services and manufacture electromechanical cables precisely designed to meet your exact specifications. 

Other types of dental equipment we fabricate wires for include:

Get the Very Best from Custom Wire

With so many dental and orthodontic applications requiring custom medical cables, there is a wide variety of cables and wires available. Call the wire and cable experts at CWI today to learn more, or get a quote for your next project.

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