Ultrasonic Cleaners

Cable and Wire Assemblies for Dental Ultrasonic Cleaners

Ultrasonic dental cleaners are used to prepare dental instruments for sterilization. Ultrasonic cleaners remove saliva and other biological material by the process of cavitation, which uses sound waves to create thousands of bubbles increasing in size until they burst. A consistent ultrasonic cleaner is integral to maintaining the sterilization of a dental practice’s instruments. If your ultrasonic dental cleaner isn’t working, contact Custom Wire Industries today for precise ultrasonic cleaner repairs with quick turnaround.Custom Wire Ind. Repairs Ultrasonic Cleaners

Whether you’re starting a new dental practice, or looking to upgrade your current equipment, Custom Wire Industries is your best tool to ensure your dental equipment is working consistently. We create completely custom cable and wire assemblies for any dental or orthodontic applications. Our professional technicians and engineers have years of experience maintaining, improving, and repairing medical machinery, equipment, and tools.


Dental Professionals Trust Custom Wire Industries

Custom Wire Industries’ expert technicians and engineers have the experience to manufacture exactly the cable and wire assembly you need within your exact specifications. We ensure the durability of every project we work on through rigorous quality tests to get the job done right the first time.

Common wires and cables we fabricate for dental autoclaves include:

Custom Wire Industries is a UL and CSA certified industrial manufacturer, meaning you can rest assured your wire and cable assemblies will be manufactured to the highest possible standards. Call us today to get a quote for your next project, or to learn more about what we do.

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