Endodontic Apex Locators

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Endodontists require accuracy when measuring the length of the root canal and thanks to advancements in dental technology, endodontists can start to shift away from the traditionally misleading radiograph. Endodontic Apex locators are able to measure the root canal via the position of the apical foramen with up to 96% accuracy despite conductive fluids, like saliva or blood. After the root canal is fully measured, the endodontic apex locator will beep, buzz, flash or all of the above. Higher-end endodontic apex locator’s offer a monitor and present an image of the root canal with the measurements.

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Electromechanical Wires and Cables for Dental Devices

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Some of the common wires and cables we fabricate for endodontic apex locator's include: 

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Other types of dental equipment we fabricate wires for include:

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