Camera Flash Power Controllers Wiring Assembly

Custom Wiring for Camera Flash Power Controllers

Intraoral Dental Camera with Custom Wire AssembliesDentists and orthodontists have come a long way from the days of using a tiny mirror and light to examine teeth. Now, intraoral cameras allow dental staff to project images of teeth onto monitors to find signs of cavities, decay, and other changes.

Camera flash power controllers are used to capture the highest quality extraoral and intraoral images. These external power boxes allow a clinician to set the precise amount of light from the camera flash to capture the exact image needed. These power boxes are useful for documenting cases and for capturing images for use in publications and online.

Dental Industry-Specific Cable Assemblies

Custom Wire technicians know the industry-specific needs of dental equipment wiring. Along with providing appropriate wiring for the in-mouth camera, we provide computer interface cables. These assemblies are hooked up directly to a computer or monitor to display the inside of the mouth. And there needs to be enough cable length for maneuverability around the patient, staff, and other equipment.

Custom Wire engineers will work with you to provide the exact wiring your equipment needs to work best.


Wire Manufacturing Service for All Industries

Custom Wire Industries does more than create wire assemblies for dental equipment. We have assisted with the creation of wire and cables across every industry. Our wide range of wire manufacturing includes:

Our engineers have manufactured wires and cables for every dental application. Our custom capabilities are unmatched. Contact us to order the best wire and cable assemblies for your dental equipment.

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