Wires and Cables for Digital Panoramic X-Rays

Custom Assemblies for Dental Panorex Radiography Technology

Digital Panoramic X-ray Machine Wire and Cable AssembliesDigital panoramic X-rays have become a major tool for dentists and orthodontists to treat patients. Panoramic X-rays have a major advantage over bitewings because the panoramic image shows the entire mouth at once. Bitewings only show a small section of the oral cavity. The panoramic better shows the direct relationship between every tooth to ease the diagnosis and treatment of dental health conditions. It’s no surprise panoramic X-ray machines can now be found in all major dental and orthodontic clinics.

Custom Wire Industries provides custom wire and cables assemblies for the dental industry including digital panoramic X-ray equipment. Also known as panorex radiographs, panoramic X-ray machines create a single image of the entire mouth. These images may show issues invisible to the naked eye, such as underlying bone disease, cavities, infections, and tumorous growths. We fabricate cables assemblies for a wide range of medical and dental equipment, contact us for a quote on our custom wire fabrication services.

Extraoral Digital Radiographs Require the Best Cables and Wires

The whole point of panoramic X-rays is to show the relationship between all parts of the mouth. If the images do not show up clearly and consistently then you’ll have to go back to relying on individual bitewings. This can be a hassle for dentists and patients alike. For dentists, the smaller field of view makes it harder to spot issues. For patients, it means awkwardly biting down on the paper wings and higher radiation exposure. Custom Wire Industries focuses on creating the best dental wiring and cable assemblies so all of your panoramic X-ray equipment works flawlessly.

We build a wide variety of wire and cable assemblies for dental X-ray equipment, including:

Data cables are necessary to transmit signals from your X-ray terminal to the rest of the equipment. Computer and interface cables ensure your images are transferred from the X-ray machine efficiently and accurately. Since everything in your X-ray room is repeatedly exposed to radiation, you need high quality wiring and cables from Custom Wire Industries.

Dental Bitewing X-Ray vs Panoramic X-Ray

Additional Dental Equipment Wiring and Cables

Our custom assembly services are designed to give your dental clinic the best X-ray and radiograph equipment possible. Custom Wire Industries fabricators have worked across countless industries and know the importance of accurate wiring. Our fabrication process includes quality control testing to ensure the finished assembly meets all ADA and FDA industry requirements, standards, and specifications.

Custom wiring for other types of digital dental radiographs include:

  • Bitewing
  • Periapical
  • Multi-slice computed tomography (MCT)
  • Cephalometric projections
  • Sialography/radiosialography
  • Cone beam computerized tomography (CBCT)

We also create power cable assemblies and ribbon cables for other dental equipment. If you need new wire and cable assemblies for your dental X-ray machines, contact Custom Wire Industries professionals today.

Order custom panoramic X-ray wire and cable assemblies for your dentist office from Custom Wire Industries.