3D Cone Beam Imaging for Dentistry

3D Cone Beam Imaging for Dentistry

Cone beam imaging and CT scanners for dental practicesA cone beam computerized tomography (CBCT) scanner is found in almost every dental practice in the nation, and serves as a dentists preferred method for gathering high-resolution images for treatment planning.

CBCT machines revolutionized the industry because in an era of two-dimensional image production, the CBCT produced three-dimensional, high resolution images of teeth and surrounding features like soft tissue, nerve pathways, sinuses, and bone.

How does Cone Beam Imaging work

The machine itself is more compact, and less expensive, than the average CAT-Scan or MRI machine, but works in similar ways. The patient sits in the chair provided, while the x-ray equipment rotates 360o around the patient’s head, capturing 3D images at high resolutions. The focused cone-shaped x-ray beam captures the desired image in a painless procedure.

Custom Wire Industries and CBCT Technology

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