Digital Dental Radiography

Wires and Cables for Digital Dental RadiographsWires and Cables for Digital Dental Radiograph

When your dentist or orthodontist needs to check your teeth, sometimes more sophisticated equipment is needed. Digital dental radiographs, otherwise called digital x-rays, are used throughout the industry to help detect, diagnose, treat, and monitor oral conditions and diseases. Dental radiographs help reveal small hidden areas of decay inside and between the teeth, as well as bone infections, gum disease, abscesses, or even tumors.

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Types of digital dental radiographs include:

  • Intraoral x-rays 
    • Bitewing 
    • Periapical
  • Extraoral x-rays
    • Panoramic (Panorex)
    • Multi-slice computed tomography (MCT)
    • Cephalometric projections
    • Sialography
    • Cone beam computerized tomography (CBCT)

Digital Radiographs Need only the Best Cables and Wires

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We build a wide variety of wire and cable assemblies for dental equipment, including:

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