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Get Custom Wires and Cables Fabricated in the United StatesCustom Cable Assemblies Made in Wisconsin

Finding professional wire and cable fabricators you trust to manufacture the best, most high-quality wires and cables for your company can be a hassle. Other companies think they can outsource the work or just build low-quality electromechanical assemblies from a poorly-stocked facility, but Custom Wire Industries is different. Our facility is fully-stocked with wire and cable supplies, and we provide businesses like yours with custom-made high-quality cable kits and assemblies made right here in the United States. 

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Industry Leaders in Wire and Cable Fabrication

For decades, Custom Wire Industries has provided our customers all over the United States with electromechanical kits and wire and cable assemblies. From ribbon cables and lead wires to control panels and wire harnesses, Custom Wire can promise your electromechanical assemblies will be made to the highest possible industry standards.

Some of the specialized fabrication and assembling services we offer include:

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Custom Wire Industries is a UL and CSA certified manufacturer of electromechanical wire and cable assemblies, and we’re here to help your business with all your wire and cable fabrication needs. We can ensure your custom parts are made to your exact specifications, and they are guaranteed to last for years down the road. Our expert wire technicians and engineers will work together with you to get the best end product at the most affordable price.

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