Semi-Rigid Coax Cables

Semi-Rigid Coaxial Cable

Get Semi-Rigid Coaxial Cable Assemblies from Custom Wire Industries

When you need a sturdy, reliable coaxial cable for your particular industry, semi-rigid coaxial cables are the way to go. These types of cables are ideal as they optimize dielectric properties and have a shielding quality which other types of coax cables don’t, and their tough, semi-flexible design allow them to be molded into any formation you need them to be in.

Some applications which often utilize semi-rigid coaxial cables include:

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Custom Wire Assemblies from the Experts

No matter what type of coax cable assembly you need for your particular industry, the professionals at Custom Wire can help you out. Our wiring experts can manufacture a wide range of cables for your ideal application – whether you work in the telecommunications industry, the medical field or for a software company, our coaxial cables are sure to be made to your exact specifications.

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