Ribbon Cables for Robotics

Ribbon Cables for Robotics

Flat Ribbon Cables Ideal for Robotics Applications

The professional manufacturers at Custom Wire Industries offer a wide variety of cables, including application-specific ribbon cables for robotics. Robots require specific construction with flexible, durable computer cables and wires, and flat ribbon cables are specifically designed for that sort of application.

Our custom-manufactured ribbon cables are color coded to identify precisely which wire serves what function, and they are custom-matched to your specific application. Contact us today to get a quote on ribbon cables.

The Best Wire and Cable Assemblies from Custom Wire

Some of the advantages of ribbon cables for robotics include:

  • Flame retardant insulation
  • Flexible material
  • Oil and chemical resistant material

The professionals at Custom Wire Industries manufacture a wide variety of ribbon cables for every type of industry, and each of our products are tested for our usual high standard of quality. 

Contact the ribbon cable manufacturers at Custom Wire today to get a quote on our services.
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