Wire Harness Assembly

Custom Wire Harness Assembly

Electromechanical Wiring

Custom Wire Industries is dedicated to making all components durable and safe. We produce wire harnesses that fit with the rest of our customization process (including cable and control panel assemblies), we don't believe in the "one size fits all mentality. Our wire harnesses will offer a custom fit, sure to exceed expectations.

Custom Wire Industries understands your industrial hardware can sometimes be a hassle. As a CSA and UL certified manufacturer, it's our priority to take care of these issues so that you don't have to - from our own custom assemblies to our industrial services, we roll up our sleeves so that you won't have to get your hands dirty.

Easier Maintenance with a Wire Harness Assembly

Every electromechanical application should have a high quality wire harness installed. A wire harness organizes all the important wires within your device by tightly bundling them together in specific configurations. Wire harnesses are often used in the automotive industry to keep important wires from coming loose and causing problems. The tightly wrapped wires make maintenance and repairs easy and safe.

The electromechanical engineers at Custom Wires Industries can custom create a high quality, reliable wire harness assembly tailored to your specific needs. From automotive and aerospace applications, professionals from a variety of industries have been turning to Custom Wire for high quality wire harness assemblies.

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