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Custom Wire Industries manufactures a variety of electrical wire and cable assemblies, including flat ribbon cables. Ribbon cable is frequently used in computer assembly, consisting of several wires running parallel to each other on a flat plane. This cable assembly can be manufactured to your exact specifications, using any quantity, color or type of wires.

We can create ribbon cables using color coding to differentiate the function of wires. This allows technicians to identify precisely which wire serves what function, and which way the cable should be attached to its socket. It's one more way our ribbon cables can be custom-matched to your specifications. Our solid manufacturing foundation is the backbone to customizing our assemblies to your unique input and desires.

Common Uses for Ribbon Cables

Ribbon cables are designed to take up as little amount of space as possible, making them ideal for when you need to make many connections without having a mess of tangled wires. These cables can also lay flat, making them easy to run under carpeting.

Some common applications for ribbon cables include, but are not limited to:

Electromechanical Cable Manufacturers Set Standard for Quality

Custom Wire Industries has been in the wire and cable industry for almost 40 years. In this time, we've learned what it takes to become a world-class manufacturer of flat cables, wire harnesses, electromechanical devices and much more. As a UL and CSA certified company, our staff of over 100 people is dedicated to providing our clients with the highest level of customer service and product quality.

As a world-class manufacturer of cable assemblies, we produce positive results for each of our clients. You can count on Custom Wire Industries for top quality services at the best prices for all of your electrical component needs, including power cable assemblies, control panels, computer interface cables, and custom tooling.

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