Lead Wires and Cable Assembly

Lead Wire Assembly

Electromechanical Lead Wires

Electromechanical lead wires provide electrical connections between two locations. Whether you need a few or hundreds to thousands of lead wires, count on Custom Wire Industries. Common applications for lead wires include:

  • Transferring power
  • Physical support
  • Probing circuits
  • Transmitting information
  • Heatsinks

Custom Wiring Solutions

Custom Wire Industries is a leading cable assembly manufacturer. We produce assemblies and wire products to fit the specifications of each customer. Our lead wire and cable assembly capacities have allowed us to become one of the leading custom manufacturers in the country. We specialize in the production of lead wires and cable harnesses.

Whether you want to overhaul your operation's industrial system infrastructure or fill in some underperforming parts, Custom Wire Industries can accommodate you. Our range of services is meant to facilitate nearly any lead wire or electrical wiring need. This means that Custom Wire Industries strives to offer industrial wire solutions no matter what your needs are.

Contact the custom lead wire and cable assembly production leaders today for a free quote.
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