Cable Assemblies Fabricated with World-Class Precision

Custom Wire Industries is a trusted supplier of cable assemblies for medical, military and industrial equipment. Manufacturing the finest cables, including medical, coaxial, data, fiber optic and computer cables, as well as power transmission assemblies, you are assured the highest quality products when choosing Custom Wire Industries for your cable fabrication needs. Our cable and assemblies fabricators are UL and CSA certified with a worldwide reputation for quality. We will meet your precise specifications with competitive prices and exceptional customer service. Add maximum value to your product line by choosing cable fabrication services from Custom Wire Industries. No other provider is more dedicated to their customers and meeting their exact needs. Whatever you want, you’ll find it at Custom Wire Industries.

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Wire & Cable Assemblies for Every Industry

Custom Wire Industries manufacturers a large range of electromechanical wires and cable assemblies matching your specific system and application needs. From microscopic sizes up to 900 pound assemblies for alert towers, our skilled engineers will create wire and cable assemblies meeting your machine’s exact requirements. Using only the finest materials and highest quality procedures in our manufacturing process, you are assured of dependable products that will meet your custom electrical component needs. Choose Custom Wire Industries for medical cable, wire, fiber optic cable, industrial, mechanical cable, and electronic tool assemblies, as well as lead wire and assembly kits for internal and service use. Custom Wire Industries is your wire and cable assemblies solution, providing the expertise, product design assistance and manufacturing excellence you need and deserve.

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Contract Services with Unsurpassed Quality

No matter your electrical component need, Custom Wire Industries will provide expert services meeting industry quality standards and exceeding your expectations. From cable fabrication and wire assemblies to custom assembly services, we have the products you need at prices you can afford. Our engineers will work with you to understand your exact needs, manufacturing a product meeting your specific machine and application requirements. As a UL and CSA certified manufacturer of electrical components, you are assured of the highest quality products and services in the industry. Whether you need new custom composite cable for diagnostic medical equipment or a military specialized power cable system, you’ll always get what you want and need from Custom Wire Industries.

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Electromechanical Wire and Cable Manufacturing

Custom Electrical Components Built to Your Specifications

Custom Wire Industries, Inc. is a UL and CSA certified manufacturer of electrical wire and cable assemblies. Our talented team of engineers can assemble an entire turnkey system, tailored to your unique industry needs. Custom Wire Industries electromechanical assemblies are high quality and always completed on time. We specialize in creating unique and customized cable assemblies and electrical components to fit your exact specifications. By purchasing all your components together from us, you'll save money on shipping and labor costs.

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We manufacture electrical components including, but not limited to:

Ribbon Cable Assembly
12V Harness Assembly

Cable Fabrication Services

We fabricate custom cables for a wide variety of applications like medical, military and industrial equipment. Custom cables we manufacture range from power to medical cables. Each component is manufactured with quality, no matter the application.

Custom Wire Industries offers affordable pricing and fast turnaround times, ensuring your facility is running at optimal capacity. We are committed to 100% quality management. During each stage of the manufacturing process, we have strict quality control processes, ensuring each completed electromechanical component meets and exceeds UL and CSA regulations.

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Wire and Cable Assemblies

Electromechanical assemblies and harnesses are also manufactured by Custom Wire Industries. Our custom assemblies can range from microscopic sizes up to 900 pound alert tower assemblies. Cable and wire assemblies from Custom Wire are built with the highest quality materials, and are delivered to you quickly.

Our engineers employ a fully capable CAD system to generate accurate working drawings, allowing us to offer our clients complete wire and cable assembly and design services. Our high quality fabrication services significantly lowers defect rates, consistently delivering customized solutions, providing your facility with reliable performance, maximizing the productivity of your processes.

Custom Assembly

Custom Wire Industries provides high quality electromechanical wires and cables with low turnaround times. Whether you need new custom diagnostic medical equipment composite cable, or a military spec. power cable system, our team of engineers can create a product just for you.

Since 1968, we have been providing our customers with electromechanical assemblies, control panels and power cable assemblies. From custom tooling and injection molding to the manufacturing of turnkey, kitted and electromechanical assemblies, rely on the engineering staff at Custom Wire Industries for all your electrical component fabrication needs.

When you fill out the contact form, include a drawing or PDF of the assembly you need, a Bill of Material with the component manufacturers and any other specifications you require. Custom Wire Industries will work with you to design and create the most effective component for your machine.

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