Electromechanical Devices

Custom Wire Harnesses

Electromechanical Device Manufacturers Committed to Customized Quality

Custom Wire Industries is a top manufacturer for custom cable and wire assemblies, exceeding client expectations since 1968 and delivering nothing short of quality products. Our newly built facility with over 100 committed employees ensures the highest level of capability and service. We offer a variety of wire and cable products, each custom made to suit our clients’ unique specifications. Custom wire products include: custom wire harnesses, cable assemblies, kits and and electromechanical devices.

State of the Art Electromechanical Devices

Custom Wire Industries manufactures electromechanical parts using the science of electromechanics, which combines the fields of electromagnetism, electrical engineering and mechanics. Some of our electromechanical assemblies include electric motor assemblies, switches, thermostats, timers, and automatic transmission systems.

With over 40 years of manufacturing high-quality electromechanical devices, we know what it takes to satisfy clients. Each of our employees is dedicated to providing the exact electromechanical assemblies where and when you need them.

Dependable Electromechanical Components

We engineer and sell a variety of different custom wiring solutions and assembly kits. From microscopic components up to 800+ pound assemblies for alert towers, our team of talented engineers creates wire and cable assemblies tailored to your machine’s exact requirements.

Our custom wiring solutions are perfect for audio solutions, medical cable assemblies, and custom hotrod wiring harnesses. Custom Wiring Industries designs one of a kind wiring solutions that are built for quality and dependability.

When we design a wiring assembly for your machine our only focus is making sure it works – every single time. Whether it’s a medical cable assembly, custom wiring harness, or an alert tower assembly we’ll build it with the highest quality materials and make sure it’s the most dependable part of your machine.

We’re dedicated to exceeding customer expectations, and ensuring that our customers can rely on their wiring systems. Our high quality electromechanical devices are purpose built and made to fit your needs.

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